If you are a reputable entity, please contact by regular mail or personal phone call. See below chain of communication emanating from our “contact us” page.


It is shameful how so many scammers attempt to scam and/or defraud legitimate individuals or organizations with cleverly scripted emails, often using names very close to the names of reputable businesses. This wastes valuable time for the individual being scammed, and tarnishes the names of the legitimate businesses that the scammers are trying to impersonate.

Here is a chain of emails pertaining to my website

If your business is named similar to Allied Consults, this should be of concern to you also. If you are a legitimate entity interested in working with us to bring our technology and methodology into a dignified form of competitive golf sport which can be played by all forms of abled and disabled persons, you may want to contact us by any of the contact methods on this website.

For all scammers, please direct y our efforts to someone gullible enough to take you seriously. Here is the chain of emails:





Business Partnership


I am reaching out to you based on a request from a profiled client who is looking for a potential investment opportunity within your scope of business .

Details of investment proposal will be sent out to you on reading back from you as we deem it necessary to seek for your consent prior to any formal exchange of material information relating to the Subject matter .

I look forward to your earliest response , please do contact me directly via my private email address stated below .


Andreas Mboweni

Tel/ WhatsApp: +44 7459 225716

My response:



Thank you for reviewing the website, and for your contact form submission. Golf For blind, Inc. was established as a not-for-profit Florida Corporation. Failing to attract substantial donations to develop our technology to benefit the blind to learn and compete in a range based golf sport, the Corporation was dissolved earlier this year, leaving the technology and methodology available for commercial development.


I am sole owner of the research and business plan development that began in 1992, using technology support from leading space and defense technology suppliers. I will be pleased to respond to any interest that you may supply. You may also wish to review my other website




George S. Nauck


Additional chain emails:


—–Original Message—–
From: andreas.mboweni <>
To: Upgrade Outlook 2019 <>
Sent: Tue, Sep 24, 2019 6:57 am
Subject: Business Proposal

For George S. Nauck


In response to your email message to my short memo requesting your 
consent to present you with this mutual investment opportunity, based 
on my private search via the (F.C.C) for a reliable partner with the 
capacity to go into a mutual beneficial partnership. Due to the 
sensitivity and vulnerable position of the client involved. I have 
been mandated to source for a foreign partner solely for safe keeping 
/ re-Investments of their Assets .

Once I am convinced on your ability to handle the said Assets, 
maintain absolute and non-disclosure of sensitive information thereby 
keeping all details at your disposals very confidential, I will 
provide you with necessary information and documentations relating to 
our firm, the said Assets and particulars of the client for your 
perusal. If you have the required management skills and capacity, 
Viable projects or possible investment opportunities, existing 
business that requires financial support on any level, said assets / 
funds could be transitioned into an Investment Fund under your sole 
management and operations for an  agreed terms.

Thanking you for your time in reading my message, while I look forward 
to hearing back from you soon and hoping you would treat the content 
with utmost discretion. Am available to discuss the above subject, 
please feel free to connect with me on the below mentioned number on 
receipt of this message for any questions and clarification.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this message for more information.

Respectfully in representation of,
Allied Consults Services,

Mr G. A. Mboweni
Senior Associate,
Investment Manager
Cell / Whatsapp:  + 44 745 9225716

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Re: Business Proposal  

Tue, Sep 24, 2019 10:01 am

Upgrade Outlook 2019 (


To provide assurance of your legitimacy, mail a $1500 cashiers check made out to George S. Nauck, 638 La Jolla Ave., Sun City Center, FL, 33573. Following receipt and successfuliy executing the check and recieving the amount in U.S. dollars, I will priority mail you a complete business plan with proforma.




Upgrade Outlook 2019 ( Tue, Sep 24, 2019 4:50 PM


Certainly you don’t believe any credible investor would want to invest in a venture run by an entrepreneur or business owner who would risk a scam by not fully qualifying anyone making a contact about potential investors.


This is why I require a good faith deposit from you or your investors. I have already invested personal out-of-pocket expenditures of over a quarter million U.S. dollars in technology development and equipment prototyping.


Send a cashiers check, money order, or western union money-gram for $5,000 to:



George S. Nauck

638 La Jolla Ave.

Sun City Center, Florida, USA


Then we can talk.